Inspired by the autumnal beauty and a lot of excitement for winter ... Fernflower Ayurveda Aotearoa created some winter bundles to celebrate this special season with you. Enjoy the treatments here at the cosy Ayurveda Garden Cottage and take some healing Ayurveda magic home with you for your day to day living...

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I invite you to a lush and warming Wellness Day at the fernflower Ayurveda Cottage. You get to enjoy a 90 minutes Ayurvedic massage with warm herbal oil. Followed by a steam sauna session which allows an even deeper effect of the benefical herbs. Take some healing power home with you. I´ll help you to create your own unique tea blend from  organic and local healing herbs to keep you warm & healthy during winter.

This bundle is a combination of Ayurvedas most devine treatments. A profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage is followed by the slow pouring  of a constant flow of warm herbal oil on very precise points of the forehead ( Shirodhara). This treatment relieves tensions, attenuates anxiety, stress, concentration difficulties and insomnia. It  is used to achieve complete calm and regeneration of the nervous system. Complete your reset with your 50grams jar of organic spice mix for Golden Milk made by fernflower Ayurveda.   ​

Back by popular demand... This is your perfect time out if you want to experience three of the most beautiful destinations of healing arts in the world without any stressfull flights. Three sessions to float away, recharge and relax the body and the mind. An extraordinary healing journey for yourself or to gift. Your Ticket to Paradise encompasses :

Hawaiian LomiLomi, Indian Ayurvedic and Thai Yoga Massage.               ​ ​

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