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Inspired by Nature - Guided by Intuition

Ayurveda got my full attention when I`ve studied Yoga in India. Sitting in the anatomy class I was expecting to hear familiar facts from my time at university when I became a master of sport science. But this time, my teacher was an ayurvedic doctor and introduced me to a different dimension of studies about the human body. I found myself connecting dots on a mental and spiritual screen that made not only so much sense but also confirmed my own experiences and observations. In Ayurveda I seem to have found both, my teacher and Mentor for who I already was...

I live with my partner in a yurt amongst beautiful native trees and the birds of New Zealand. We always wanted to live sustainably and closely with and amongst the elements . We seek and find union with nature in many ways, like surfing waves, singing songs, gardening or dancing. However, Yoga and Ayurveda are two of my favourite ways to celebrate nature and myself. For we are essentially one and the same. 

Listenting to my inner voice was leading me to where I am today. We are all guided by our intention really. The trick is to identify the voice of our own inner wisdom. Ayurveda is one empowering tool that encourages us to live up to our full potential. There are so many different ways to get to our own essence. May it be through the dance of breath and gravity in Yoga or by snuggling into our inner sacred happy place while enjoying a beautiful massage.

By unraveling you inner nature , you have access to your own abundance. 

I am a Sports Scientist, Ayurveda Therapist and Yoga Teacher but most of all I am passionate about bringing harmony inside and outside our own nature. I am passionate about accompanying you on your quest to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

I live in New Zealand but facilitate workshops around the globe. Looking forward to meeting you out there.                                                            

Yours, Christine Kieltyka                                      


I went to see Tine a number of times in the past months, each time with acute pain, and each time I left her studio feeling as if I were walking on air! She is wonderful to talk to, but she equally knows when not to talk and just let you soak in all the goodness that she puts into your body!

        SUE, 54 YEARS

I am 54 years old and I can quite honestly say I have never come across a better therapist! Not just her massages but also her ayurveda-based nutritional counseling is excellent and my health has profited hugely in the past months from having had treatments from Tine!

The world would be a much better, happier and healthier place if everyone could have a regular session with Tine !


A friend of mine gave me masssage from Tine as a birthday present. Tine`s treatment exceeded my expactations. I was immediatly taken with her as a person. She is caring, as a trained sports scientist extremely knowlegable and has a highly developed aesthatic sense. She chose the perfect music and a fabulous oil for the massage and within a few minutes I had dosed off! No masseuse has ever chanced that before! And, in addition to the relaxation, she managed to get rid of trapped nerve in my lumbar region with her magic hands!


I cant thank her enough for making me painfree and feel good about myself! 


"...Through Ayurveda and Christines guidance I´ve been able to make a life changing experience. I did a panchakarma light detox and I still follow principals and techniques in my daily life. Not have I only been relieved of my chronical sinusitis, got my sense of smell back but it also cured my problem with IBS and digestion. It is  still a very empowering and lasting experience. Highly reccomended..."



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