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 "Fernflower" is a fusion of Ayurvedas five thousand year old wisdom and the pristine pure spirit of New Zealand. We integrate the ancient health system into our knowledge of the western physiology and combine it with the healing properties of our native plants... "       


​Welcome to Fernflower Ayurveda Aotearoa. Your institute for holistic health, Ayurvedic treatments and consultations on New Zealands beautiful South Island.
Ayurveda is the oldest known healing system in the world. It has been applied to millions of patients by thousands of doctors for 5000 years. Although rooted on the subcontinent of India, Ayurveda is applicable everywhere. For it is never rigid nor exclusive but alive and adabtable.

Ayurveda is essentially an inclusive and integrative system, creating harmony while honouring diversity.

In founding fernflower, I wanted to honour the abundant wisdom of traditional Indian Ayurveda and fuse the ancient practices with New Zealands pristine spirit. To me, New Zealand with its pure waters, fertile soil and extraordinary clear air , it is the ideal place to promote holistic health.


The aim of Ayurveda is to gain health not by fighting diseases, but by trying to gain balance and harmony. Naturally, the habitat we live in provides the medicine to balance all elements in us. For that very reason we integrate New Zealands native plants in our products and consultancy as much as possible, for they grow and thrive in the exact same spot like you.


I studied Yoga and Ayurveda both, in India and on german institues. I wanted to translate the teachings of the indian health system to the western physiology. Aotearoa is where I live and study plants as food and medicine.


Fernflower, 216 Okuti Valley Road, 7591 Little River New Zealand, email: 

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