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Fernflowers treatment room resides amidst the gorgeous fairy tale landscape of Okuti Garden. THE AYURVEDA COTTAGE is an oasis  for the senses.  Enjoy your massage, consultation or ayurvedic treatment in perfect tranquility. Enveloped in birdsongs and the sent of wildflowers, it is the ideal space to float away and allow your body to recharge and rejuvenate. You are always welcome to also just come and enjoy a cup of tea here at this healing garden space. 


Panchakarma Light - your personal Detox Retreat at Okuti Garden

There is the possibility to dwell deeper in to the healing practices of Ayurveda on our Panchakarma Light  Retreat. This is a detox program to mobilise and eventually eliminate excess dosha from your system sustainably.

The scheme encompasses Abhyangha ( Oil Massage) , Swedhana ( Steam Sauna) Yoga Therapy and other individualised therapeutic treatments according to your goal setting and disposition. 
There are five or ten day programes available. We invite you to stay at Okuti Garden through this transformative experience for undisturbed focus on your wellbeing. However, you can also opt for a non residential  program too. Panchakarma light is not only to treat existing physical ailments  but also a fantastic preventive routine.  It is a full body cleanse like taking the trash out at last but equally nourishing and establishing strength and resilience. In an ayurvedic detox you´ll never have to starve as food is always permitted. To purify the body from environmental toxins is generally recommended to be performed once a year. Ideally in spring or autumn months.

Typical reasons to consider a Panchakarma Detox 

•digestive disorders such as constipation, reflux, excess stomach acid

•respiratory illness like asthma, chronic bronchities, sinusitis and hay fever

•obesity , fat metabolism disorder, increased blood glucose level 

•skin problems like psoriasis, acne, rosacea or fungal infestation

•inflamed and degenerative rheumatism

•immunological disorder like  susceptibility to infections, allergies  or  autoimmune disease


However, you need to be in a stabil physical and mental condition in order to conduct a Panchakarma  Detox.

Before you sign up for the program we ´ll have a look at you current health status and will determine whether the program is advisable. It is generally  recommended for people between  sixteen and seventy years.

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